Considering a visit to the LACMIP collections? This page briefly outlines what you can expect.

Before you visit

Digital collections

Prior to visiting, you may wish to browse our online resources:

Please contact the department for additional resources that may be helpful to review prior to your visit.

Funding opportunities

Students are encouraged to apply for a student collections study award to assist with travel costs.

During your visit

Main Museum

South entrance of the NHMLA
The LACMIP type collections are located in Exposition Park.

The LACMIP type collections are located at the main museum. Resources available to researchers at this location include:

  • Renovated workspace (shared with Malacology)
  • Equipment managed by other departments may be available by appointment. A list of resources available at the museum can be found here.
  • Cafeteria, exhibits, and nature garden

The museum’s website has information about parking and directions. If you chose to drive, collections staff will coordinate parking reservations once the date of your visit is finalized.

Collections Facility

LACIMP collections
The LACMIP stratigraphic & taxonomic collections are located offsite.

All other LACMIP collections are located in a dedicated facility approximately 10 miles from the main museum. For security purposes, the address is not shared here. Resources available to researchers at this location include:

  • Stratigraphically arranged collections with greatest strengths in the Cenozoic, Cretaceous, and Cambrian of California
  • Systematically arranged collections with emphasis on the Cenozoic and Cretaceous of California, as well as trilobites
  • Prep lab equipped with a screenwashing station, rock saw, grinding table, microscope, and two copy stands for photography
  • Several workstations in an enclosed office area and collections range
  • Large reprint library
  • When planning a visit to our offsite location, visitors should pack a lunch or plan to purchase food from nearby restaurants.
  • Be aware that this location is not as accessible via public transit as the main museum; however, it is serviced by ride share companies and relatively convenient to LAX.
  • The collections range is not climate controlled (warm in summer, cool in winter). Prepare accordingly!

Accessing the collections

The following guides are available to assist with collections navigation and numbers:

Loans & Photography

Please review our institutional loan terms and conditions before making your request. Please note that same-day loans are typically not feasible, and that we do not loan type specimens.

If you capture specimen images during your visit, please consider sharing them with collections staff, especially if you have retained our locality or catalog numbers with the files. Our preferred convention for naming specimen-related multimedia is as follows:

  • LACMIP_cat#_Genus_species_etc
  • Ex: LACMIP_10711-2_Metaplacenticeras_sp_1a.jpg = LACMIP 10711.2


If your work results in the use of LACMIP specimens in a publication, thesis, or dissertation, please consult our citation guidelines while your manuscript is in preparation.


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