The Bibliography module contains information about publications (books, articles, maps, theses, etc.) related to records in our Catalogue, Taxonomy, and Sites modules. The bibliography records in EMu are not meant to be comprehensive, but rather to point users in the direction of more information. LACMIP also maintains a Zotero library that is a much more comprehensive with respect to some specific projects. Please see Axiell’s documentation for generic information about this module.

Please note that we typically do not use semicolons in any of the Bibliography module fields because they are used as a separator in the Bibliography summary line, which gets exported for various reports. For example, record the author as “Saul, L. R., R. L. Squires, and L. Groves” vs. “Saul, L. R.; Squires, R. L.; Groves, L.”

With the exception of Author, do not add trailing periods to text in these fields.

screenshot of bibliography module
Bibliography module in EMu.

Publications(2) tab

This tab is where the bulk of our bibliographic information is recorded. This information typically pertains to type specimens and references used in specimen identifications. Essential fields to fill out on this tab (when applicable) include:

Title of the publication, thesis, or book chapter.
Book Title
Title of the book.
Title of the journal. Search the associated lookup list before adding new values to this list.
Author(s) of the publication, thesis, etc. Search the associated lookup list before adding new values to this list. New entries should be formatted, “Lastname, Initial.” (e.g., “Saul, L. R.”). When multiple authors are present, use commas as separators, and “and” (not an ampersand) before the last author (e.g., Saul, L. R., Squires, R. S., and Goedert, J. L.”).
Year of publication. If no date is indicated on the publication, enter “n.d.”
Year Letter
If an author or group of authors published multiple papers/books in the same year, a letter may have been appended to the year in the LACMIP Type Reprint Library. Some of this literature is digitally available on (restrict your search to “Invertebrate Paleontology”).
Digital Object Identifier. A non-essential field for LACMIP’s purposes, but nice to have if available.
Volume number. Often indicated in italics on the original publication.
Publ. No.
Issue number. Often follows the volume number, sometimes in parentheses, on the original publication.
Page range (for articles) or total number of pages (for books). Do not abbreviate (e.g., “78-79”, not “78-9”).
Publication series. This field is used occasionally and applies to serial publications. Examples include “SEPM Pacific Section Guidebook”, “Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology”, “University of California Publications in Geological Sciences”, and “USGS Professional Paper”.
Book editor(s). If necessary, include editors in this field. Enter names using the same formatting as in Author.
Translated titles, URLs, etc. Much of the information in this field was imported from an external citation manager (Zotero), and does not need to be hand-keystroked into EMu.

Multimedia tab

Digitized literature and other relevant multimedia can be attached to bibliography records on this tab.


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