The Multimedia module records metadata about media uploaded to EMu, either in batch (e.g. specimen images) or on the fly (e.g. a screenshot of a taxon from a publication). These records can then be connected to other records, primarily Catalogue, Taxonomy, and Sites. Please see Axiell’s documentation for generic information about this module.

screenshot of multimedia module
Multimedia module in EMu.

LACMIP does not use EMu as a DAMS, and therefore only a skeleton crew of fields (highlighted in the figure above) should be used within the Multimedia module. MIME Type, MIME Format, and Identifier are all automatically generated, and the only additional field we recommend using is Title, where you should put something descriptive. Although it may be tempting to fill out information in the other fields and tabs, keep in mind that if you do it is likely to be a waste of time since the Multimedia module is not being systematically managed as a repository for data (only media).

As of 2019, LACMIP’s strategy has been to manage media metadata via the EXIF information embedded within the file itself. EMu imports the EXIF metadata into an EXIF tab and this information is searchable via the Value field.

screenshot of multimedia module exif tab
EXIF tab in the Multimedia module.

Information about managing LACMIP’s media with respect to data publishing can be found here.